The International Journal for Education Law and Policy (IJELP) provides a critical review of contemporary developments in education law. It combines analysis, commentary and documentation on national education legislation and European and international developments in education. The Journal gives high priority to articles, which provide a comparative perspective and offer a link between law and policy issues. Apart from scholarly articles reviewing the implementation of and new developments in educational legislation at the national, regional, European, and international levels, IJELP features special thematic reports and contains special country reports.

The articles are subject to peer review by independent referees. Published on behalf of the European Association for Education Law and Policy, in cooperation with US-ELA, SAELPA (South African Education Law and Policy Association), LEAGUE OF EDUCATION LAW (Russian Federation), ANZELA (Australia and New Zealand Education Law Association), CAPSLE (Canadian Association of the Practical Study of Law in Education), with the support of UNESCO and supra-national and international organizations.

Since 2020 we present you a lot volumes for free at this website. 



From 1st of January 2021 we will supply to you the new website where you will find all IJELP issues of the past years, all books about education law and much more information. The new IJELP issue will be published in a completely new design.

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