Volume 1: 2005 Edition




The Right to Education in Non-Signatories of the ECHR

  • Rights to Education under Australian Law; Jim Jackson 
  • Education as a Fundamental Right in India: Promises and Challenges;  Saroj Pandey 
  • The Legal Rights of Students and Teachers in Malaysia; Tie Fatt Hee 
  • Laos, Law and Education; Sara Gustafsson 
  • Prayer and Religious Activity in American Public Schools; Charles J. Russo
  • The Right to Education in Canada: A Difficult Beast to Tame; Gregory M. Dickinson 



  • The Right to Education according to Article 14 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union; Roland Winkler 
  • On Facing an Exciting Future Cogitations on the Theme Higher Education, Competition and Access; Guy Neave 
  • Governing Governance: Organisation Law and Network-process-design; Peter Kwikkers 
  • The Right to Education: International Legal Obligations; Kishore Singh 
  • Globalisation, Rights and Issues in Education Law in Singapore; Mui Kim Teh 
  • Nobody can be denied the Right to (an own Identity in) Education – Legal Bottlenecks in National and International Law Concerning the Freedom of Religious Expression: The Case of the Headscarf in Education; Jan De Groof & Gracienne Lauwers 
  • L’actualité du droit de l’éducation en France: Country Report France (01.07 2000-31.12.2003); André Legrand 
  • Occupational Health and Safety of Teachers under Conditions of Infectious Diseases: Does the Rule for Privacy Always Trump?; Pävi Gynther 
  • Another Strategy for Justice: repair the Broken Knowledge Ladder; Pävi Gynther 



South Africa

  • School Principals Right to Freedom of Association and Labour Relations: A South African Perspective; Simeon Maile 
  • Freedom of Religious Teaching as an Element of the Right to Freedom of Religion in South Africa; Gerhard van der Schyff 
  • The Unconstitutionality of Religiously Motivated Corporal Punishment in Independent Schools in
    South Africa; Gerhard van der Schyff 
  • Educational Rights in South Africa; P.J. Visser 
  • Some Thoughts on Aspects of Delictual Liability in Relation to Public Schools in South Africa; P.J. Visser
  • Children’s Rights to Basic Education: Implications for the State to fund Schools in South Africa; Raj Mestry 



  • Daniels v. The Attorney-General: Children with Special Needs and the Right to Education in New Zealand; Sally Varnham 


  • Universities from the Perspective of Internationalization; Johan Hoornaert & André Oosterlinck 
  • Educational Rights in The Republic of Belarus; Liudmila Rychkova & Andrei Surmach 

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