Volume 2: 2006 Edition




Educational Choice and Accountability in Education

  • Are German Non-­‐Public Secondary Schools More Effective in Reaching Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Educational Goals; Dronkers, J. Baumert & K. Schwippert
  • The Supply Side of Choice; Paul T. Hill
  • Faith-­‐Based Alternative School Choice in Alberta: Conservative Revolution, Post-­‐Modern Fragmentation, or Principled Pluralism?; John L. Hiemstra
  • The True Impact of School Diversity?; Stephen Gorard
  • Denominational Primary Schools in the Republic of Ireland and the Challenge of Democracy; Dympna Glendenning
  • On the International Dimension of Education and Social Justice; Stephen P. Heyneman
  • Freedom of Education and Charter Schools; Cara Stillings



Educational Legislation

  • Speech at the 4th European Cultural and Educational Forum, held 29 November 2005 at the College of Europe – Bruges; Alain Brun
  • The Social Technology Approach to Legislation. A Model for Legislating Education; Mircea Cojanu
  • Legisprudence as a New Theory of Legislation; Luc J. Wintgens
  • Regulating Experiments in Education: A Matter of the Executive Power or the Parliament?; Brecht Steen
  • How does Policy inform Practice? An Applicable Model; Ke Yu
  • Organisational and Legal Autonomy in Australian Schools: A Review of the ‘New Schools’ Policy Dilemma; Briony Scott & Stephen Crump
  • Direct and Reverse Causality between Teacher Effect and Student Performance; Ella Kallai, Mircea Maniu & Monica Voicu
  • Recent Developments in Legislation of the Russian Federation concerning Non-Commercial Organizations Artem Rodin
  • Classifying the Limitation of the Right to Education in the First Protocol to the European Convention; Gerhard van der Schyff



  • Islamic Dress in English Schools: Reconciling Conflicting Interests; Paul Meredith
  • Recent Developments in the Interpretation and Application of the Language Provisions of the South  African Constitution Applicable to Public Schools; P.J. Visser
  • Student Participation in ‘Free Universities’ Funded by Belgium’s French Community; Gerhard van der Schyff
  • The Justifiability of Higher Education Reforms by Belgium’s French Community; Gerhard van der Schyff