Volume 6: 2010 Edition




  • Applying EU competition law in the education sector; Filippo Amato and Kyrill Farbmann
  • Commercialization and competition in the education services sector; Rosa Greaves
    Reciprocal Partnerships in Higher Education; Dieter Timmerman
  • Legal status of languages in education: the cases of South Africa and Spain; Pablo Meix and Elize Küng
  • Some Aspects of Protection of Right to Education in Georgia; Nino Rukhadze
  • Politics and procedures to fight corruption in higher education in Albania; Juliana Latifa
  • The Right to Higher Education in China for Students with Physical Disabilities; Minmin Fan
  • A Constitutional viewpoint of racial quotas for higher education admission in Brazil; Leila Pinheiro

CASE STUDIES – the USA by Charles Glenn

  • Laws, Regulations, Decisions in American Education
  • Accountability for school quality in American education
  • Religion and education in the United States
  • Is Competition among Schools Good or Bad? Yes!


  • EHRM Schüth t. Duitsland
  • EHRM Obst t. Duitsland