Volume 8: 2012 Edition (2 ISSUES)


Issue 1:



  • Bringing Integrity Back in the Academia; Alina Mungiu-Pippidi and Ligia Deca
  • Negative Effect of Corruption on the Enjoyment of the Right to Education, at the European Level and in Russia; Maria Smirnova


  • Good Governance in Higher Education; Genc Alimehmeti

Country reports

  • The Corruption in Higher Education and Legal Framework. Albanian Case; Juliana Latifi, Nikoleta Mita and Edlira Haxhiymeri
  • Corruption in Higher Education and Research. Background Report: Bulgaria; Boryana Velcheva
  • Report on Corruption in Higher Education and Research in Croatia; Dražen Cepić
  • Report on Corruption in Higher Education and Research in Latvia; Edvins Danovskis
  • Corruption in U.S. Higher Education and Research; Joel H. Scott

THE 2012 issue 1 IJELP

Issue 2:



  • Peace, Tolerance and Citizenship in the Emerging ‘European Dimension of Education’ – Building Stones for a Plural and Inclusive European Identity; Andrea Chiarello
  • Creating a Safe Educational Environment Through Restorative Justice and the Promotion of Human Rights in School Discipline; Mariette Reyneke
  • Tackling Violence in African Schools; Solomon Sacco

Country reports

  • Addressing the Safe Educational Environment Through Policy and Legislation (Albania Case); Edlira Haxhiymeri & Nikoleta Mita
  • Bringing Peace to Schools: Restorative justice and mediation in the public basic education in the State of São Paulo, Brazil; Nina Beatriz Stocco Ranieri
  • Peace and Tolerance Education in Croatia: From Anti-war Campaign to National Framework Curriculum; Eli Pijaca Plavšić
  • Educational environment and school culture; Per Kristensen
  • Legal Framework on Violence in Education: Country Brief Finland; Päivi Gynther
  • The legal frame for peace education at schools after; Kurt Graulich
  • On violence and education and peace and tolerance education: Identification, Projection, projective Identification in social processes of education; Anneliese Menninger
  • Safe educational environment in Hungary; Balázs Szabolcs Gerencsér
  • Value based education vis-a-vis violence in schools; Stuti Deka
  • Education for Multiculturalism in a Deeply Divided Society between Peace and Conflict: The Israeli Case; Majid Al-Haj
  • Dimensions of safety in educational settings. Lithuanian case; Vaiva Zuzevičiūtė
  • Providing a safe educational environment; a scan of the legal situation in the Netherlands; Pieter W.A Huisman
  • Assessment of Violence in Different Levels of Education in Nigeria; Francis Chigozie Moneke
  • Violence and safety in schools: a Romanian perspective; Raluca Alecu
  • Violence in Schools in the Russian Federation; Anna Vavilova and Vitaliy Matveev

THE 2012 issue 2 IJELP