Volume 10: 2014 Edition (2 ISSUES)


Issue 1:


  • A comparative study of system-level policies to ensure educational quality in the United States and Japan;  Naoshi Kira and Toshiyuki Omomo
  • The Status of the Right to Education in Japan; Sasaki Ryo
  • Freedom of Private Secondary Schools in Korea: a forgotten Myth?; Cheolung Je
  • Educational Assessment and Competition: The Legal Framework of Evaluation in Spain; Pablo Meix Cereceda
  • Freedom in Education: Private vs. Public? A Few Considerations on the Italian Case; Luisa Ribolzi
  • Race classification and equal educational opportunities in South African schools; Rika Joubert
  • A Framework to Explore and Develop Criteria for Assessing Research Quality in the Humanities; Sven E. Hug, Michael Ochsner and Hans-Dieter Daniel
  • Ph.D. Graduates in the Humanities and Social Sciences: What do they do?; Hanne Derycke, Aukje te Kaat, Ronan Van Rossem, Hans Groenvynck and Karen Vandevelde

THE 2014 issue 1 IJELP

Issue 2:



  • Education : Capabilities and Constraints; Sari Nusseibeh
  • International human rights and national constitutional heritage: which legal framework do we need to manage religious tensions?; Paul De Hert and Stefan Somers 
  • Regional Perspectives of the Right to Education with special focus on the Higher Education in the Arab Countries; Hanafi Ali Gebali  


  • The Role of International Human Rights Mechanisms in Strengthening Justiciability of the Right to Education in Russian Federation; Maria Smirnova
  • State Support for Private Schools: Money in Exchange for Commitments; Matveev Vitaliy and Rozhkov Artemiy
  • Legal Bases of the Concept of Educational Safety in Russia; Anatoly Kapustin
  • Corruption in Higher Education and Research: Russia. Definitions and General Information about Higher Education; Elena Denisova-Schmidt and Elvira Leontyeva


Linguistic Rights

  • Linguistic Rights in Compulsory Education: Country Report: Ireland; Dympna Glendenning

Save Environment

  • Towards creating safe educational institutions in India – Challenges and Opportunities; Ruhi Paul
  • Bullying and New School Violence: An American Perspective; Charles J. Russo
  • Liability and Remedies for School Segregation in the United States and the European Union; Kristi Bowman and Jiri Nantl

Country Reports

  • Situation of Independent Schools in Austria; Beatrice Lukas
  • Competition Law of Higher Education in Albania; Juliana Latifi 


  • Can schools make a difference and cut a vicious circle of poverty – underachievement – poverty?; Pavla Polechová
  • The Role of Education in Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria; Thomas Ateda 
  • Introduction comparative indicators and its criteria; Marco Iskender Matthijsen 

THE 2014 issue 2 IJELP