Volume 11: 2015 Edition



  • Editorial; Nadja El Beheri, Balázs Gerencsér and Jan De Groof 
  • The Justiciability of the Prior Right to Education : Summary of an International Conference held at the PPCU, 2016; Balázs Sz. Gerencsér and Kata Gyöngyösi
  • On the Implementation and Justiciability of the Right to Education; Jan De Groof
  • Relation Between the Religious Freedom and Right to Education on the Basis of Human Dignity; Szabolcs Anzelm Szuromi
  • Strengthening Civil Society;  Charles L. Glenn
  • The Role of the Ombudsman for Educational Rights in Hungary;  Lajos Aáry-Tamás
  • Education of Linguistic Communities in CEE and the role of the NGOs in this regard : What does the CoE see?; Balázs Szabolcs Gerencsér 
  • Multani v. Commission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, Supreme Court of Canada, 2006; Berkes Lilla
  • Hungary’s New Code on Administrative Court Procedures : as a framework for the justiciability of educational rights; Krisztina F. Rozsnyai
  • One Million Asylum Seekers in Germany (2015/16) : The Role of the Civil Society in their Education and Training; Ingo Richter
  • The Role of International Human Rights Mechanisms in Strengthening Justiciability of the Right to Education in the Russian Federation; Maria Smirnova
  • Secular Nature of General Education in the Russian Federation; Nadezhda Knyaginina and Szymon Jankiewicz
  • European Solidarities with 1956 Hungary During the Cold War: Critical Reflections and Themes; Kim Christiaens