Volume 12: 2016 Edition



  • Equality, non-Discrimination and Inclusive Education: An International and Comparative Constitutional Perspective; Pablo Meix Cereceda
  • May I be excused? Conscience-based exemptions from compulsory classes: lessons from Strasbourg; Yousra Benfquih
  • Secularism and the Challenge of Muslim Integration in Europe; Charles L. Glenn
  • Federalism, Autonomy, Pluralism, Identity, Access and Inclusion – How to solve modern language policy conflicts?; Ingo Richter
  • The right to Education of asylum-seeking and refugee children in the European Union: A brief overview from theory to practice; Filipa Aragão Homem
  • Education in Italy and the development of the student’s personality: a complex interaction between liberties, rights, duties and onuses; Fabrizio Fracchia and Pasquale Pantalone
  • Erasmus student or EU ambassador?People-to-people contact in the European Neighbourhood policy: the cases of Georgia, Ukraine and Tunisia; Andrea Perilli

Discussion paper

  • The rights to education for refugees, the actions undertaken by the Flemish government and policy issues for discussion; Kurt Willems and Jonas Vernimmen