Volume 13: 2017 Edition



  • The Courts and Education Law: What Role Should Judges Play?; Charles J. Russo
  • A staggering pitch: The European Framework Law for Higher Education and Research; Peter Kwikkers
  • Can the American Catholic Experience be a Model for Muslim Integration in the West?; Charles L. Glenn
  • K12 Catholic Schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Enrollment Trends, Achievements, and Challenges; Quentin Wodon
  • Benefits from Secondary Education, Public-Private Partnerships, and Implications for Catholic Schools: A Case Study for Uganda; Quentin Wodon
  • Democracy and sovereignty vs international human rights: reconciling the irreconcilable? ; Michael P. Donnelly


  • A new initiative to foster good governance, human dignity and effective policies in education! 
  • Agenda item no. 1: Equal opportunities for all to access and complete quality education
  • Agenda item no. 2. Curricula fostering individual growth and innovation
  • Agenda item no. 3 - Fair assessment of learning outcomes
  • Agenda item no. 6. Safety and respectful behaviour in education

Discussion Paper

  • Home Education: What About Fundamental Rights ?; Jan De Groof