Volume 14; 2018 Edition



  • Good Governance in Universities: The Challenge of Collegial Control; David D. Dill


  • Higher education and Mercosur accreditation in Brazil; Gabriella de Camargo Hizume and Gladys Beatriz Barreyro
  • Digital literacy rights and online risks: which has the upper hand?; Nina Ranieri & Stephane Hilda Barbosa Lima
  • Catholic Schools in the United States: Basic Diagnostic of Trends in Enrollment and Student Achievement; Quentin Wodon


  • Technological Challenges for Teacher Training; Sunil Behari Mohanty


  • Technological Transformation in Action & National Visions on the Transitions to Sustainable Development Models; Jagdish Koonjul


  • The Right to Education as a Framework for Educational Policies; Miguel Ángel Sancho Gargallo
  • Public Funding of Compulsory Education in Non-Governmental Schools, of Whatever Legitimate Pedagogical Option, Declared in Spain a Constitutional Duty to Satisfy the Human Right to Education with Freedom; José Luis Martínez López-Muñiz
  • The right to Education of asylum-seeking and refugee children in the European Union: drawing from experience on the ground; Filipa Aragão Homem
  • All Education Is Free, but Some Initiatives Are Freer than Others. The End of Jewish Education in Flanders?; Johan Lievens