Publish a book

Since the end of the nineties of the last century we publish books, websites and other media. Maybe you would like to publish your thesis, book, biography or something else than please take a look at our website and contact us....

What we do

Right from the start we will assist you on:

  • the idea
  • the expected final product
  • any research guidance you may require
  • the technical preparation for production
  • editing – including design, style, font and formatting,
    paper, cover, method of binding etc.
  • the printing process
  • proofs of concept
  • marketing

When the product is finalised and meets your expectations, we take care of any further publication, distribution, promotion and sales.

The main characteristic of Wolf Publishers is our direct involvement in every step of the process - from the first idea to the final product. Our philosophy is based on a participation and collaborative approach.

Custom design and editing

If you do not have the time or the experience to edit your book or to do the lay-out, we will take care of it. We provide you with a range of editing and typesetting services. You can use our services and an extended team of designers, who can do the text editing, lay-out and book cover at affordable prices.

If your work is commercially marketed, we take care of ISBN and send your work to various magazine editors to review it and advertise via third party websites. Our international network of agents and booksellers enable us to offer and sell your work everywhere in the world.

The English-language publications are marketed through one of our agents in the USA, Germany, UK and other countries, in addition, the Dutch-language publications are being offered at, and

Corporate social responsibility

When producing books and other products, we try to work as environmentally friendly as possible.

This includes:
• working with FSC certified papers
• working with ISO certified partners
• limited to no stock; printing on demand
• damaged returns from bookstores are donated to countries such as Suriname, Kosovo and several African countries.


WLP remains the address for publishing your manuscript or book proposal. You can offer these works through We ask you for some information on the subject, book and author in question. After all, you are the specialist. Dissertations, orations, occasional bundles and liber amicora are accepted by us without conditions. If it is a stand-alone work, we will have the manuscript or the design reviewed by our network of experts. When the work fits within our product range, we make individual agreements with the author on the dissemination of the work and about royalties. We aim to give an explanation of the manuscript within two weeks. If you have manuscripts that do not fit within a legal fund, but are cultural in character such as a poetry collection or commemorative book, you can also contact us. We have had our own cultural imprint Vidya since 1997.


The past years we published more and more books in different languages. In our collection we published books in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French, German and other languages. If you prefer to have your books translates or published in another language feel free to contact us.