We organised a lot of book-presentations and ELA meetings and conferences. At this page we highlighted some events where the whole community of ELA was together. To find all the activities of ELA click here.

25 November 2004: First World Conference on the Right to and Rights in Education

In 2004 the European Association for Education Law and Policy (ELA) organised together with us the first World Conference on Education Law and Policy in Amsterdam and Tilburg in The Netherlands.

There was a big group of ministers, academics, students and other professionals from all around the world. This conference was the starting point of many interesting meetings that we had the past 16 years.

Together with our partner ELA we organised since 2004 many conferences and meetings all around the world. Professor Jan de Groof and Gracienne Lauwers have been our partners for many years and we are privileged that we can produce with them very interesting materials on Education Law and Policy. 

Together with their team we publish the International Journal on Education Law and Policy (IJELP).

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Find below one of our first publications that we presented at the conference.

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No person shall be denied the rights to education

J. de Groof, G. Lauwers


ISBN (hardcover) : 9789058500984

All over Europe, governance takes on an increasingly European character, thereby obliging policy makers to comply with the dictates of international and supranational organizations. Although recognizing that the influence of the European Court of Human Rights in education is fairly minor, the high level of compliance with its provisions among signatories is remarkable.

To this end, this book deals with the implementation of the rulings of the EctHR play out in education while seeking both to assess the manner in which signatories implement its provisions and reconcile domestic law with its orders dictates. The key question is whether EctHR case-law could steadily expand and develop into a kind of “Principles of Roman Law” which spread all over Europe, thereby forming the basis of modern European human rights law while contributing to the further development of educational and other legislation in member nations.

27 April 2007: Piet Akkermans Lecture and T.O.R.B. Colloquium 

The right to and rights in education – under the protection of the judge: Retrospection and future perspectives. 

20-21 November 2009: Annual ELA Conference/Piet Akkermans Lectures 2009

Public-Private Partnership in Education: the economic value of education, competition in education, and the limits of commercialisation of education

7-9 December 2010: International conference on ‘Religion, Beliefs, Philosophical Convictions and Education: From Passive Toleration to Active Appreciation of Diversity’


14 October 2011: 12 1/2 years celebration of the company and ELA cooperation

At October 14th, 2011 we celebrated that we 12 1/2 years were an official company and that our managing director, Willem-Jan van der Wolf, was publisher for 25 years.

The activities around this celebration lasted almost one year. The start of this all was at the former concentration-camp in Vught, The Netherlands.  Our Dutch Judge of the European Court of Human Rights, Egbert Myjer, gave his very interesting and personal speech. It was a day of celebrations and commemorations about the victims of war, genocide from the past and from the recent history. 

Together with ELA we decided to make this year a celebration-year for our cooperation.

9 February 2012: "Islam (Instruction) in Education" conference organised by Wolf and ELA

Everyone has the right to live as a free man, for development and protection. That is the core of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948. Everyone is also entitled to education. Right to education can be interpreted as access to education. This will also enable other human rights such as the right to expression and the practice of one's own religion.
On 9 February we organised a meeting in collaboration with the European Association for Education Law and Policy (ELA) and the University of Antwerp. In the morning the theme was 'education in war zones', the afternoon ended with a very topical theme namely 'Islam (Instruction) in Education'. Special target group of this meeting are policy makers and professionals in the field.

8-10 November 2012: 2nd World Conference on the Right to Education and Rights in Education


In 2004 we organised the 1st World Conference on Education Law and now there is the 2nd World Conference on the Right to Education and Rights in Education in Brussels. From Strasbourg we could go straight to Brussels! We were able to present a unique collection. In recent years, Charles Glenn and Jan De Groof have been working with 65 other authors to update their publication published in 2004-2005. A beautiful 4-piece collection 'Balancing freedom, autonomy and accountability in education', published by Wolf Legal Publishers, is the result. For three days we were allowed to participate in this international congress, made friends for life and put the publishing house even more on the map!

9 September 2013: Wolf Legal Publisher is the official Publisher of the European Court of Human Rights

At a special meeting on the 9th of September 2013 the President of the European Court of Human Rights, Dean Spielmann, received from us a very special edition of the Reports of Judgments and Decisions. From this moment on we were the official publisher of the European Court of Human Rights.

The past 7 years we published a lot of publications for and together with the European Court of Human Rights.

In the books and Journals on Educations Law you can find a lot of references to the European Court of Human Rights. Many judges and members of the Court have been involved in our conferences and meetings of ELA.

19-22 October 2016: ELA Conference in Co-operation with the Pázmány Péter Catholic University
Launching of the Global Education Law Forum (GELF) BUDAPEST - HUNGARY

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March 2020: CORONA Virus

Sad enough the world is now infected by the Corona-virus. It was our intention to start in April with the new company location and open our office in The Hague. Unfortunately because of the virus the whole bussiness is down and we need to wait until all is more or less settled.

We think of you all and wish you good health and good luck to survive this crisis! We will be alive after the crisis. 

NEW: 27-29 October 2020: G-Stic 2020

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